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Sprinkler & Property Rock Bed Installation in Alamogordo

J&L Landscaping & Nursery offers several services for both commercial and residential properties in the Alamogordo area.

Decorative Rock Yard

Decorative Rock

Our experienced landscapers can install any type of decorative rock for residential and commercial properties. Decorative rock can range in size from small pebbles to large boulders and can be white, tan, or brightly colored. We have several rock species available, including river rock, crushed gravel, pea gravel, lava rock, flagstones, and more. Applications include boulder markers for property borders and signage, cobblestone paths, flower and scrub beds, parking lot medians, and much more.

Natural Rock Yard

Natural Rock Yards

We also have products from natural rock yards available for landscaping and masonry projects. Just a few of the products we have include landscape boulders, stone panels, beach pebbles, crushed rock and sand, bricks, pavers, cement, slate, and much more.


Xeriscape is also available for residential and commercial properties. This is a style of landscaping design that requires little or no irrigation and maintenance which works great in New Mexico’s dry, warm climate. If you want to conserve water while having a beautiful landscape, xeriscape is for you. There are seven steps or principles: maintenance, planning and design, soil analysis and improvement, plant selection, use of turf, efficient irrigation, and mulch use. These types of designs look just as beautiful as traditional landscaping and take full advantage of sunlight and water supply in the area. They include trees, hanging plants, palm trees, flowers, grasses, and more.


Laying Sod

J&L Landscaping & Nursery in Alamogordo also lays sod for commercial and residential properties. This can be a quick alternative to seeding as it creates an instant lawn and can be walked on soon after planting. With enough water, it can be installed any time throughout the growing season and is virtually weed-free. We can roll out rows of sod for any property size and layout.


Our New Mexico landscapers also offer hydroseeding, which involves planting with a slurry of seed and mulch. It is an innovative alternative to sowing dry seed and is used as a technique for controlling erosion. The prepared slurry is sprayed over prepared ground. Hydroseeding is used in residential and commercial properties, and applied with new building construction, land rehabilitation from a fire or flooding, and in any area where rapid growth of grass is needed. The slurry has fertilizer and mulch within it, saving time in application.

Sprinkler Installations & Drip Systems

Sprinkler Installation

J&L Landscaping & Nursery also provides sprinkler installation and drip system services for residential and commercial properties. Drip systems can be used for agricultural crop fields, commercial gardens, and other large areas of land. They create energy efficient irrigation solutions by allowing water to drip slowly onto the roots of plants through a customized network of tubes, emitters, pipes, and valves.

We also install sprinkler systems, from a simple residential one for a small yard to complex commercial sprinkler systems. Our product options have advanced features such as timers, osculating heads, units with one or several spraying heads, and indoor faucet controls. We install any type of sprinkler for homes, crop fields, parks, golf courses, and commercial properties.